We are always looking for opportunities. It's in our spirit the relentless pursuit of talented people and incredible companies.

The Developers


Comfort and quality are our true and only desires!

We dreamed with comfortable, refined, easy, affordable and exclusive short clothing range. We are talking about shirts, polos, jackets, pants and outerwear. With such a world of products, we managed to create an identity, a strong DNA,and a reason to approach our clients with our clothes and our styles. What makes this special is the rare skill of being able to combine quality with detail in a simple way. The individuality, quality and innovation of each item is the reason of our existence, elevating the range and the product to new stages and new identities. Good design is really about solving problems and creating a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity. A new way, a new product, a new atmosphere.

Rua do Cavaco 26, 4400-408 Vila Nova de Gaia | info@thedevelopers.pt | +351 223 751 233

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